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Oaker Ltd is a design and production company. We provide specialist design development support, concept design, 3d modelling, visualisation, VR tours film and animation. Our work forms part of an ongoing design dialogue between art and architecture. By combining two distinct disciplines 'Design' & 'Visual Communication' we actively seek to inform the design process and communicate ideas and aspirations on a collaborative basis.

We have two main disciplines: Our ‘Production’ services tackle marketing and advertising, and therefore the later stages of the design process. Our ‘Concept and Design Development’ stages of aproject require a more holistic and tactile approach.

Concept & Design Development

We provide concept design studies, geometry design, animation, and artwork. Our aim is to communicate and inform the design process. Our
approach is to work collaboratively with our clients to provide the most visually rich media at all stages of the creative process.

​Production Services

We produce architectural visualisation, artwork, film and animation.  We are committed to producing the
highest quality and visually rich media to help communicate our clients’ concepts, values and aspirations to the widest possible audience.



Tel: 0203 3551455

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